How To Choose The Best Mouse Pad For Your Computer

Are you in need of a mouse pad but do not know how to go about it? Well, you are not alone. Many people, whether they have used mouse pads for years or not, are still unable to tell the difference between the best and worst mouse pad. Granted, there are many types of mouse pads in the market, marking it difficult for many to choose the best. Here are 4 types of mouse pads to choose from. The approach given therein will help you find your desired mouse pad.

1. Aluminum Pads

Although they are called aluminum pads, most of them are actually made of anodized aluminum. They are indeed durable thanks to the material used to make them. Besides, they are very attractive compared to other types in the market. They offer the user a smooth feel when handling chores.

• They are light and thin• Extremely durable• Easy to clean• They offer great friction

• Compared to others, aluminum pads are expensive• Not as comfortable as most cloth pads• They are louder• They are usually big, making it difficult to drag around• They act as deal-breakers especially to low-in-friction users

2. Cloth Pads

They are usually soft and comfortable to feel because they are a product of soft fabric. However, if you find thin ones, they may not offer you the comfort you are looking for. When you are done using them, you can easily fold them and keep them away.

• Thicker cloth pads are very comfortable• They are affordable, making it ideal for your budget• They offer a tactile feedback as well as good friction• Although some are big, they can be carried with ease (by folding them)

• Their edges can easily fray• They are susceptible to liquid stains, making it difficult to wash on a regular basis on the event of dirt

3. Glass Pads

They offer you a very clear and clean look. Many modern mouse pads are made of glass but of different qualities. They should be handled with care because they can easily break. They do not offer much friction if that is what you are looking for in a mouse.

• They can offer you a unique, pretty look and feel• They have very low friction• They are durable if you do not drop them down or knock them on a hard surface• Easy to clean

• They are extremely fragile• They are not comfortable when you compare them with cloth pads• They are noisy when handling• Most of the glass mouse pads are expensive

4. Hard Pads

Perhaps, they are referred to as hard because they are a product of hard plastic. Hard pads are usually compact, equipped with rubber at their base to guard them against unnecessary sliding. Many of these pads are light in weight and thin in size. They are not hard to handle around thanks to its material. In fact, you can knock them against a hard surface and continue using it for years.

• Easy to clean• They are durable. However, you cannot compare the durability with that of metal and glass pads• They are light to carry• They come in many varieties• Very affordable

• They are not comfortable when compared to other types of mouse pads• Some hard pads are heavy; this will pose a challenge when dragging around

The burden of choosing the right mouse pad for your computer has been lessened. Now it is time to make an informed decision.